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Danielle excellent

excellent! clear communication throughout the whole process and always available if you have any questions. highly recommend to anyone!

Alla Kachan Got better results than were promised

Got better results than were promised, quickly, efficiently and what’s most important, honestly. I now recommend them to all who inquire about a mortgage. Would absolutely recommend, with no reservations. Spoke to many, and they were the only ones that were able to get the mortgage done right, quickly and at a very competitive rate. Forever grateful.

Elizabeth Helfrick GREEN RIVER WAS GREAT


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From the moment Anthony called me I felt a sense of honesty. I was nervous about working with someone based on past experiences, but Anthony was honest with me, informative, and he allowed me to ask the minutest questions. He answered them in a way which I would understand instead of using big "banking" words that I would never comprehend. I trust what he tells me, and feel excited about my future goals. I also had the pleasure of Sammie as she was very helpful, a very helpful and pleasant group of people. Thank you so much for all your help in securing our loan for our new home. Green River is very organized, thorough, and professional...You stand above the rest, Green River Capital Corp, hats off to your company! - Nalini Ramoutar

First time home ownership can be extremely exciting...but also overwhelming.

We’ll see you through with the best rates + terms.

Buying your first home is a major financial decision, and one that many strive for throughout their lives.

Not many people know that there are different types of loan options out there for first time home buyers.

Independence, a second income from rental property, tax benefits, privacy, and stability are just a few of the benefits home ownership can give.

Little Known Facts About Homeownership:

  • • Believe it or not, purchasing and owning a home can actually cheaper than renting, depending on your circumstance.
  • • When you rent, you’re pouring money into property that you’ll never own—that’s money you’ll never see again. Once you own a home, it’s an asset that you can sell.
  • • The only landlord you’ll ever deal with is yourself. If you choose to rent out your property, or part of your property, you’ll have a chance to make a second income stream. This allows you to ensure you always make your mortgage payments, pay off debts sooner, and have a certain measure of stability.
  • • You can leverage your home’s value by making upgrades and being energy-efficient. Big home improvements can easily give you tax deductions and reduce your energy-related costs.
  • • Interest rates are extremely low right now, enabling you to take out a loan easier than ever before.

We Help Solve The Home Loan Dilemma.

Everyone wants to live in their dream home. But finding the right home loan can be difficult—especially for first-time buyers. The range of seemingly insurmountable obstacles can feel endless, especially if you haven’t consulted with a professional yet. For example, you could feel intimidated by the large down payments or high-interest rates that some banks say you have to pay. Or maybe your credit score isn’t that great and you’re worried about strict credit score qualifications. But with Green River Capital Corp, you don’t need to worry—we have first- time home buyer programs that tackle these issues and help borrowers find options that will work for them.

What’s a First-Time Homebuyer Program?

  • • Our first-time homebuyer program can help you afford your dream home without struggling to pay your mortgage each month. Because Green River works with a robust network of wholesale loan providers, we can give you competitive options that will work for your budget and financial situation.
  • • Our first-time homebuyer program can help you achieve...
  • • Low monthly mortgage payments
  • • Long term down payment options
  • • Low or no down payment home loans
  • • Low-interest home loans
  • • Fixed rate mortgages
  • • Adjustable rate mortgages
  • • Competitive rates and low fees

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Give us a ring at (866) 407-4418 or Fill out an easy online application today

Contact Us Today

Give us a ring at (866) 407-4418 or Fill out an easy online application today