Episode 01: Ricky Carruth

Feb 27, 2023
Ricky Carruth

In this episode with Jillian Maneri of Green River Capital, we sit down with Ricky Carruth, a highly successful real estate agent, to discuss his rise in the industry. Ricky began his career in real estate as a part-time agent in 2002, but it wasn't until he made a shift in his mindset and approach to the business that he truly found success.

Throughout the interview, Ricky shares his experiences and insights on how he was able to transform his career and become one of the top agents in the Gulf Coast area. He talks about his focus on building relationships with clients, and the importance of providing value.


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Ricky Carruth

Real Estate Broker

Ricky Carruth lives on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, where he started selling real estate in 2002. By 2014, he was named the #1 RE/MAX agent in his State, selling over 100 properties each year since recovering from real estate disasters in his coastal region (two major hurricanes and the related insurance crisis, and the BP oil spill). Having grown up with parents who taught him the value of hard physical labor and strong ethics, he never takes his success for granted, and lives each day to do his personal best with the ultimate goal of helping others.

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